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Wish Upon A Scarf

Erelú Ẹ̀wù

Eyola introduces a new system ‘Octette’ that rebels against the concept of seasonal collections. Each cloth-crafted silhouette is created as its own individual entity: season-less, transeasonal staples to wear and cherish, now and forever. Singular designs produced as either one-of-a-kinds or in limited edition octettes of 8 (or multiples of eight).
Erelú Ẹ̀wù is an assortment of timeless womenswear that never dates. Erelú is a Yorùbá term referring to the title given to a leading woman in any community in Ilẹ̀ Káàárọ̀-Oòjíire (Yorùbáland). Ẹ̀wù meaning cloth or garment.